Your sports data
Our trusted platform

We provide secure storage, processing and transport of your data. We are transparent about what data we hold, and provide endpoints necessary to access, manage, edit and delete data as you choose. We do not sell your data, nor do allow data to be shared with a 3rd party unless explicitly authorized by you or your athletes.

Build and launch with confidence

Core to Zone 5 Cloud are values of security, privacy and availability. Our network and server infrastructure uses the latest best of breed technologies, both within our own code and in using services from trusted cloud providers such as AWS and Google. Our engineers are proactive in keeping our systems up-to-date, and we are constantly evolving and adapting our systems.


24/7 Monitoring

Our services are not just code running on servers. It’s our whole cloud infrastructure and architecture. We have engineers dedicated to edge routing, redundant systems, zero downtime deployments, performance monitoring, encryption, IDS, IPS, WAF, central log collection and analysis, and 24×7 monitoring. Build and scale your fitness systems with us.


Dedicated systems

Your production Zone 5 data is stored in dedicated databases and datastores – provisioned just for you. Our clients data is kept segregated and isolated, and we enforce strict access control on how our system administrators can access data. Depending on service level, dedicated AWS VPC provisioning is also available.



Zone 5 clients can choose to have their services and data storage provisioned within a European or USA datacenter. We can assist you with any privacy and compliance questions. The Zone 5 APIs provide all the necessary endpoints to meet the GDPR user rights to access, modify and delete their data.


Specialized Ride

Browse nearby rides led by cyclists in your community. Find the perfect ride, based on time, type, effort and distance.

Today’s Plan

Sophisticated training system, coaching tools and analytics for athletes that integrate seamlessly with Garmin, Wahoo KICKR, Zwift, your power meter and heart rate monitor.

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