Fitness platform built for performance

Our platform has been built specifically to store, manage and provide the data you need to run your own fitness systems. High speed, scalable data ingestion and analytics optimized APIs are just a small part of the Zone 5 offering.

Your athletes
your data

Our APIs and mobile SDKs provide you with the foundation platform for you to build out your own apps and athlete systems. We isolate your data so you and your users can manage it within global privacy requirements

File processing & data normalization

Zone 5 Cloud can ingest a wide range of file formats from an ever growing list of common platforms and devices. Ingested data is processed, calculating a huge number of sport specific metrics. Resulting information is stored in normalized and data visualization optimized formats – accessible to you via our APIs.

Ingestion of file types such as FIT, GPX, SRM & PWX
Ingestion from platforms such as Garmin Connect, Zwift, Suunto, Polar, Wahoo
Sport specific metrics including a range of cycling, running and swimming activity stress scores, adjusted power, elevation smoothing and ascent calculations, peak power, heart rate, pace leg spring stiffness curves, power, heart rate, cadence, W/kg time in zones.

Mobile SDKs for iOS
& Android devices

Zone 5 Cloud provides a range of mobile SDKs to accelerate your app development. Use our API SDKs to quickly integrate with our cloud APIs, or use our BLE and Ride Recording SDKs to get your app talking to activity sensors and recording your own FIT files.

  • SDK for an activity recording engine – produce FIT file within your own app
  • SDK for BLE sensors – your app talking to BLE sensors – power, heart rate, your own sensors
  • SDK for FEC and GPS routing coming soon

24×7 performance

Being available 99.99% does not happen by accident. It takes a team of engineers dedicated to keeping systems online, secure, up-to-date and scalable. These values are all core to Zone 5 Cloud, and trusted by our clients.

Manage athletes and performance

Deriving metrics from activity data is only valuable if the athlete’s characteristics are known. Zone 5 Cloud provides a full set of athlete management endpoints related to athlete body attributes, various anaerobic and functional thresholds, and sport specific training zones.

Extensive data analytics

Access data the way you need it. Zone 5 Cloud APIs provide highly configurable queries to completed activity data, correlated with subjective, wellness, prescription and connected sensor data. Use our metrics APIs to get aggregate data over any time periods, or drill right down to accessing a raw sensor channel.

Query for just metrics you need
Complex criterias for finding data
Query for multi-athlete data sets

Communications and interactions.

Leverage our communications endpoints to facilitate private or group based communications. API, email or native notification delivery.


Coaches, clubs, social communities all need  scheduling functionality. Schedule an event, a structured or unstructured workout, or a route. Use the Zone 5 Cloud services to distribute individual or group based scheduled activities.

Sync structured workouts to common head units and platforms
Sync routes to common head units
Multi-athlete scheduling

Start building
with Zone 5 now